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How are we financed?

We are financed by discretionary grants, donations and our own fundraising activities, which enables us to continue with the planting and displays. The floral displays are cost effective as once planted the work is done by volunteers, the largest expense being the watering of the hanging baskets and stanchions during the summer.

In addition to a grant from Ilfracombe Town Council donations are made by a number of clubs, groups and individuals.  We are very grateful to all our sponsors for their continued support, without their help our displays would be depleted as unfortunately we can only do what funding will allow.

In addition to direct financial support we also have help with materials and plants from North Devon Council to carry out projects and local suppliers let us have goods at reduced rates.

Who we are?

We are a group of local residents who work to improve the town, hopefully making it a greener, cleaner and more beautiful place to live, work and visit, by organising the planting and distribution of troughs and displays throughout the town centre and by gradually taking over/creating pocket garden areas, planting sustainably where possible. We work with other groups and liaise with many businesses and local organisations

All sections of the  community who are able to support our  aims, either through financial or practical help, are welcomed. We try to ensure  that all residents are able to play a full part in assisting our aims and  encourage the widest possible participation in all activities regardless of  disability, gender or race.


            Help from the Fire Service                                 Round Table preparing the                                                                                              boat ready for us to plant